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I “text” your house

Try it NOW  :

Text “DEMO ####” to 555000


Buyers can now receive information on their smart phone without talking to an agent!


It is often complicated to receive information on houses : Either spending tons of hours online or find the right agent. When calling for information on houses, you either receive vague answers or get spammed by publicity


It shouldn’t be that hard.


A huge number of our houses are already online and you can access their information with a simple text message. You can see houses for sale and pictures of the properties.

It’s perfect for anyone who is interested. First, we know by experience that buyers who wants to avoid real estate agent at all cost and that are given that opportunity, will call for information.

It is really easy and practical for buyers too. You can send a text message at any time of the day and never have to talk to an agent (unless you want to).
You can imagine the time you will save by being able to filter the houses you are not interested in.

For more information on that one of a kind program, please fill up the form on this page.

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